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Stainless Steel Vs Non-stick Cookware; Which Is the Better Option?

The question of whether to use non-stick cooking pans is one that has been of concern to many in the recent times. This is due to the discovery of some worrying facts about the chemicals that give the cookware non-stick properties. Many of those who have abandoned the idea of non-stick cookware have shifted to using the best stainless steel cookware sets. And so today I am here to clear your doubts about the two and after deeply analyzing these two, I will let you be the one to decide which of the two you desire most.

Let us start by having a look at some of their advantages and disadvantages.

Non-Stick Cookware

They are some of the most convenient kitchenware. This is because of how they save you a lot of trouble in terms of cleaning and on cooking resources. Non-stick pans use less oil as compared to other types such those made from cast iron or stainless steel. The use of less oil in food means that you get to reduce the amount of fats that you take in and this makes a very good form of healthy living. But is it truly healthy living as it seems to appear?

Experts have warned against the use of nonstick cookware due to the toxic nature of the chemicals used to make them so. When these chemicals are heated at elevated temperatures, they emit poisonous gases that have been known to kill birds. This therefore makes me wonder, if this substance can kill birds, what kind of harm would it inflict on humans?
However, there is still no proven research that has been done on their effects on people. Non-stick cookware is great but they also need you to take some form of precaution with them. You should always use them at low temperatures, do not preheat them and always use non-abrasive utensils such as wooden spoons to avoid scratching off the coating.

Stainless Steel Cookware

One thing that I love about stainless steel when compared with non-stick cookware is that it also has comparable properties to some extent. Stainless steel can be made non-stick by simply preheating them and then adding the oil then the food. You will therefore achieve the same properties but only this time there won’t be any risks of chemical poisoning.
Plus, stainless steel is durable and nowadays the embedding of a copper or aluminum core in stainless steel has made them some of the best cookware materials. Most chefs go for the best stainless steel cookware because they know of its many advantages such as versatility, excellent heat conductivity and their ease to clean if you know the shortcuts how.

Seasoning of stainless steel is also an uncomplicated process that makes them non-stick too.

My Last Thoughts

I know the decision to pick between the two can be quite a challenge although most people would be inclined to go for the stainless steel. Personally, I would advocate for both. While it would be best to have stainless steel cookware, it would still be convenient to have at least a single non-stick pan.
You can make use of it most especially when you are in a hurry and probably need to scramble some eggs. However, make sure you use it at low temperatures. And if possible, use it as minimal times as possible. But I leave the final decision to you. Sit down and weigh your options then you will be the one to make your pick.

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