My Life My Love My Fod

My Life My Love My Fod

Perks Of Owning A Stainless Steel Sauce Pot

Since I have recently started to live healthy, I needed to purchase the best stainless steel cookware first because non-stick pots and pans are not great investments. To be more specific, I was looking for the best stainless steel sauce-pot as they are great for steaming, stewing and making sauces.

I really like the multi-function of the sauce-pot as it comes with a steamer. The best stainless steel sauce-pot that I’m talking about it the Farberware Classic Stainless Steel 3-Quart Covered Stack ‘n’ Steam Sauce-pot and Steamer. It is the number one best selling Sauce-pot on amazon as well.

The Stainless Steel Sauce-pot

It is made out of premium and heaviest 18/10 stainless steel. It even has an aluminium core which results in even heating and also maintaining the temperature of the heat. The rims are also designed for drip-resistant pouring that is accompanied by a secure lid. If you’re wondering how deep the pot is, it’s 4-1/2 inches deep. This is a very important feature to me because I often make chicken broth as well as boil pasta, vegetables, fish and beans. Rather than using many pots, I just use this Sauce-pot to boil pasta and broccoli at the same time.

Other Great Features

You can also use this stainless steel sauce-pot in the oven but there is a limit of 180˚C. This Sauce-pot is also dishwasher safe but I don’t practice washing my cookware in a dishwasher as I don’t want to risk spoiling my favourite cookware. Can you imagine that for a budget Sauce-pot, it has a lifetime warranty? I was amazed when I heard about this.

Since buying the All-Clad Stainless Steel Fry Pan, this is a great asset to my kitchen. I really recommend buying this for yourself, a friend or a family member if you’re stuck with a festive or birthday gift idea.

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