My Life My Love My Fod

My Life My Love My Fod

Month: January 2017

The OG Barony Tavern!

A long time ago I used to frequently visit a restaurant called the Barony Tavern. Ever since it closed, I couldn’t find a feasible replacement. No matter where I went, nowhere felt like my favorite restaurant.

I would constantly nitpick on all the minor and insignificant flaws whenever I went on dinner dates. I was single at the time and trust me, it wasn’t easy finding the right partner. Eventually, I met a chef. He was an amazing young man who became my knight in shining amour.

The funniest thing was that he loved the Barony Tavern just as much as I did. He went so far as to say that the food at the Barony Tavern was the main reason he joined culinary school.

So besides feeding me , this stellar restaurant brought me the love of my life. In it’s honor I’ll pen kitchen reviews, recipes and tips to help everyone reach their culinary dreams. Trust me I’m a Chef’s Wife =P.